1. A product of poor quality is a product that does not comply with the characteristics specified in the description of the product in the e-shop and has physical defects that make it impossible to use the product for its intended purpose.
  2. Goods of defective quality are replaced or returned in accordance with the “Return and Exchange Rules approved in 2001. June 29 by the Order of the Minister of Economy No. 217. “
  3. You can change or return the purchased product within 14 calendar days in Lithuania or within 30 calendar days from the date of delivery in the European Union and other countries.
  4. The goods to be replaced or returned must be presented in the original packaging, undamaged, unused, without losing the appearance of the goods (undamaged labels, peeled off protective film, etc.) and in the same packaging as the purchaser.
  5. Proof of purchase must be provided when exchanging or returning the item.
  6. Goods to be exchanged or returned must be delivered to the address specified by the Seller.
  7. The seller has the right not to accept the replaced or returned goods if they are presented used, unlabeled or damaged, after the expiration of the exchange / return period.
  8. The cost of sending the exchanged or returned goods shall be paid by the Buyer. Only the amount paid for the item is refunded.