L&L Skin - EMI Facial Cleansing Brush

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The Japanese company L&L Skin presents the highest quality facial scrub - EMI, designed to maintain the perfect cleanliness of the facial skin!

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More about EMI

EMI is a facial cleansing brush with soft, hygienic silicone bristles that removes fine dirt, small skin residues and itchiness and helps to get rid of blackheads.
The device has an ergonomic design that bends at an angle of 30 degrees, which allows you to clean all the corners of the face even better.

EMI has three functions:

Basic cleaning mode
• Remove dirt, itchiness and dead skin cells.
• Vibration will help you achieve better results.

Deep cleaning mode
• Suitable for cleaning the T-zone of the face.
• Gradual speed vibration.
• Removes cosmetic residues and plaque.
• Helps to get rid of acne and blackheads.

Massage function (rear side of the device)
After cleansing, flip the EMI over and enjoy a gentle skin massage that helps boost collagen production.
Relaxes facial muscles, improves skin elasticity.


Undisputed results

Using high-frequency vibrations (up to 10,000 Hz), EMI gently opens pores and removes all impurities. Effectively cleans and massages the skin of the face, neck and sensitive areas around the eyes.

Heated brush/massager

The EMI facial cleansing massager and bristles heat up to a temperature of 50-55 °C, which makes the skin care procedure even more effective and pleasant. The moving brush head with a 30-degree bending radius and soft bristles gently cleans even the most sensitive skin.


Designed with you in mind

• Adjustable vibration intensity levels that are as high as 8.
• Ergonomic design that adapts to any face contour.
• The device head has silicone bristles with a diameter of 0.6 mm.
• The bristles are soft and do not cause allergies.
• Concentric circles of bristles create more bubbles.
• The device is fully waterproof (IPX7 certified).
• The heat generated helps to open the pores of the skin.


• Model – EMI
• Dimensions – 123x83x65 mm
• Operating voltage – 3.3-4.2 V
• Battery capacity – 1100 mAh
• Heating mode – 50-55 °С
• Vibration – vibration frequency 10000 Hz, 8 modes
• Waterproof - IPX7 certified
• Weight – 97 g
• In the package you will find: device EMI, instructions, charging station, USB cable, tissue.